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Luis Armstrong Essays - Music, Jazz, American Music, Louis Armstrong

Luis Armstrong Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong was the most influential person in jazzs history. He contributed greatly to the growth of jazz and was able to play in a variety of ways. His amazing and interesting life came from his straight talent for the music. He deserved every bit of fame he got simply because he was an incredible musician. Louis Armstrong was born in 1900 and raised by a poor New Orleans family. At twelve he was sent to reform school for firing a gun in the air on New Years Eve. There he learned to play the cornet, which was his introduction to music. After he was released he worked small jobs and, although he did not own an instrument, he enjoyed listening to the Hot Style jazz of the time. Joe King Oliver was one of his favorites. The man acted as Armstrongs father and teacher for a large portion of his life, giving him his first cornet and a job to play at some of his gigs. From there he joined semi-successful groups playing trumpet, until 1922 when he was asked to join King Olivers Creole Jazz Band located in Chicago. This was a dream come true to Armstrong. As soon as he arrived in Chicago Olivers band became a huge success. King Olivers Creole Jazz Band helped bring New Orleans style jazz to Chicago. During this time Armstrong met Lil Hardin, the pianist for the Creole Jazz band. The two were married in 1924. Hardin, being an ambitious woman, convinced Armstrong to leave his mentors band and not get stuck playing next to Oliver. As well as his amazing instrumental ability, Armstrong also did a lot of singing, including scat improvising. He had a deep raspy voice like no other. In 1924 Armstrong moved to New York where he played with Fletcher Henderson for a year and recorded with many other jazz and blues musicians. He recorded his first Hot 5 record that year as well. Armstrongs recordings with the Hot 5and Hot Seven groups, are considered jazz classics. They recorded until 1927. At this time he was becoming a true star and was playing with numerous popular bands. In 1931, Armstrong went back to Chicago to form his own touring band. That same year he went back to New Orleans for the first time in more than ten years, except this time he was greeted as a star. In 1931 Lil Hardin and he separated. Armstrong went to California before heading out for a large tour in Europe. He returned to the states and hired Joe Glaser to be his manager. Glaser took care of everything, leaving Armstrong to focus on his music. He also hired the Louis Russel Orchestra that was largely made up of people that he had played with in King Olivers Band. The band was re-named Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra. They became very popular in the swing era. He married his second wife, Alpha, but after a year they were divorced. Armstrong quickly married Lucille whom he stayed with for the rest of his life. In 1947 Glaser fired the band and replaced it with a smaller group that is known today as one of the greatest bands in jazz history. The band stayed together for more than 20 years despite the many changes it went through. In the 1960s Louis became known as Americas Ambassador because he had toured so much of the world. He came out with an international hit, Hello Dolly, which topped the charts in 1963, years after jazz was no longer popular. Armstrongs health began to fail soon after he recorded What a Wonderful World. He died in New York in1971. Music Essays

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ESL Pronunciation Exercises - Short Vowels Consonants

ESL Pronunciation Exercises - Short Vowels Consonants The following series of pronunciation exercises combines words beginning with the same consonant sound followed by similar vowel sounds. Voiced and voiceless consonants are paired (b - voiced / p - voiceless, d - voiced / t - voiceless, etc.) to help students compare and contrast similar consonant formation. Pairing similar phonemes to improve pronunciation skills is also known as the use of minimal pairs. Minimal pairs change words by one phoneme so that the basic pronunciation pattern remains the same with one slight - minimal - difference. This allows students to really focus in on the slight difference in jaw, tongue, or lip placement needed to make the various phonemes. Repeat each line slowly, listen for the minor differences between the vowel and consonant sounds.Repeat each line three times. Each time repeat more quickly trying to keep the sounds distinct.Find a partner and listen to each other repeat the lines.Try to invent sentences using each sound at least once. For example: The big bat bet he could beat the others. - Dont worry too much about the sentence making much sense! ih - pronounced ih as in hit ee - pronounced ee as in see eh - pronounced eh as in let ae - pronounced ae as in cat big beat bet bat pig peep pet pat did deal death dad tip teeth tell tap gill gee! get gap kill keep kept cat sip see set sat zip zeal zeppelin zap ship sheet shelf shaft gin jeep jell jack chip cheek chess chat hit heat help hat Vowel Sounds eh - as in let, ih - as in hit, ee - as in see, and ae- as in catlong ah - as in car, short ah - as in gotlong uh - as in put, short uh - as in up, oo - as in through Diphthong Sounds ay - as in day, ai - as in skyou - as in home, ow - as in mouse, oi - as in boyieh(r) - as in near, ehi(r) - as in hair

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Research about coca cola in the states Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

About coca cola in the states - Research Paper Example I also seek to works with a firm that has respect for its employees and that provides channels for career growth. In a modern world, sustainability is extremely crucial and all firms need to be not only sensitive to sustainability issues but also have a solid plan to manage sustainability. As I seek for a firm in which to work, I hope to work with a firm that has a well developed sustainability plan. To get the most credible information, the study will begin by surfing the company’s website with the intention of looking for the way the firm looks at the various issues that have been indicated above. The study will seek to look at the company’s website and thus look at the various pieces of information provided by the firm. This will be with regarded to the following issues; This will provide an insight of the way in which Coca Cola looks at its human resource and whether it provides for growth channels for its employees’ careers. This will enable me to understand whether the firm will give me the kind of career growth that I am looking for. Once this information is gotten from the website, it will then be reinforced or criticized with information from other professional websites to look at the validity and objectivity of this information. This will also provide valuable information about the firm with regard to how it looks at the issues at hand. Step three will be to look at how various scholars have regarded the firms, especially from a critical point of view. This will aid in getting a better picture of the firm’s operations and also from a historic point of view. Coca Cola is one of the most globalized firms in the world. Unlike most companies that claim to be globalized despite the fact that they have not yet reached every corner of the habited planet, Coca Cola operates in all parts of the globe, even the